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Brahmi-Bacopa Monnieri

Quick Overview

Brain tonic, improves both short term and long term memory, strengthens adrenal process that facilitates carbohydrate metabolism. Scientists relate Glycoside content to its anti stress properties. It restrains stress induced ulcers also.

Product Description


Parts Used

  • Leaves

Chemical Constituents

Alkaloids, Brahmin Herpestin And Bacosides A and B; In Bacoside In Bacoside A. Arabnosil Glucose, Arabnose, Becogenine, Betulic Acid, D - Mantol Stigmasterol, Beta Sitosterol And Tannins Valarin, Resin and Amp; Ascorbic Acid.


Stimulant, anti-amoebic, insecticidal, brain tonic, rejuvenator, blood purifier, anti-leprotic, wound healing.

Therapeutic uses

Skin diseases, disease of nervine disorder, improvement of memory, leprosy, anaemia, increases blood protein and RBC, respiratory stimulant. hepato protective, hypotensive and wound healing.


One capsule twice a day after meals.

Arjuna comprises of the following ingredients
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