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Natural Herbal Capsules for Diabetes - Gurmar

Quick Overview

Suppresses the intestinal absorption of saccharides which prevents blood sugar fluctuations. Corrects metabolic activities of liver, kidney and muscles. Research indicates that use of Gymnema Sylvestre blocks sweet taste receptors when applied to the tongue in diabetes to remove Glycisuria. It deadens the taste of sweet and bitter things like quinine (Effect lasts for 1 or 2 hours).

Product Description


Parts Used

  • Whole Plant

Chemical Constituents

Gymnemic acid, Quercitol, Anthraquinon, Saponin, Calcium Oxalate.


Astrigent, Diuretic, Cardio-Tonic, Uterine-Tonic and Liver- Tonic.

Therapeutic Uses

Diabetes, asthma, amenorrhoea, increases insulin in blood and oxidised glucose.


One capsule twice a day after meals.

Natural Herbal Capsules for Diabetes - Gurmar comprises of the following ingredients
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