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Formulations are a very important aspect of creating medicines, since they are essential to ensuring that the active part of drug components is delivered to the targeted organ of the body in right concentration. Our formulations have been developed with multi step process where the active drug components acts synergistically and becomes the final beneficial medicinal product. Our scientists understand how these behave and interact to provide enhanced properties. Improved processing and delivery of active ingredient is the main objective while preparing formulations for trial and tests.


Our production is as per Herbal Technology which encompasses all the myriad of ways utilizing the multifarious potentialities of plants for animal welfare. Herbal preparations are made from herbal drugs such as a whole plant, plant parts, and exudates in a crude state in dried or fresh form and extracts. These are obtained through infusion, decoction, maceration, fractionation, purification, concentration processes. Herbal extract used are obtained HPLC (High performance Liquid Chromatography Method). The rigorous implementation of Good Agricultural and collection practice (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) reduce the risk of any unwanted effect.


Modern analytical techniques, techniques like HPTCL (High Performance then layer chromatography) are used to bypass the problems which are covering the way of quality control aspects of herbal formulations. With the growing advances HPTCL is prime option for the quality control of herbal plants. Analytical methods are employed in order to establish the constant composition of herbal preparations. Improvement in each step of herbal medicine production to keep/maintain the quality of product and their effectiveness is undertaken. The important steps are taken to keep the quality as many adverse impact of herbal medicines can be attributed to the poor quality of raw materials. Through use of modern analytical methods and pharmaceutical techniques the problems have come solvable. Standard products are manufactures from standard herbal extracts.


Clinical Trials being research studies performed in animals are aimed at evaluating medicinal or behavioral intervention. Researchers find out if a new treatment is safe and effective. Our trials are multi central i.e. conducted in different locations, in different age group, breed, sex of animals under the strict supervision of professionals and practitioners. Clinical trials are in form of pilot studies, treatment trials, cross-sectional studies and multi arm multi stage trials.