The Science of Pristeen Oil

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About Pristeen Oil

Pristeen oil is prepared with Wrightia tinctoria through a unique process. This formulation was invented by Dr.J.R.Krishnamoorthy and later took initiative to evaluate the drug in various hospitals in different parts of India.
The drug is widely accepted and its clinical efficacy has been acknowledged by practitioners across all systems of medicine and several patients have benefitted from using it in the past few years and it has also been established that patients experienced prolonged period of remission period with daily usage 777 oil has found a definite place in the safe and effective treatment approaches for the management of the global problem of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder of the skin resulting in rapid proliferation & differentiation of the skin cells.

Indications of Pristeen Oil

Psoriasis and their variants, Pityriasis versicolor and Xerotic skin.
Each 5 ml contains extracts of :

Wrightia tinctoria 50% w/v
Oleum cocos nucifera 50% w/v

Mechanism of Action :

  • Impairs KC (Keratinocytes) multiplication
  • Interferes in co-stimulatory molecules communications (Interleukins & Cytokines)
  • Sorts, isolates and attenuates neoplastic KC

Dosage/Application :

Use 777 oil over the entire body in the morning, expose to sunlight and after 15 minutes take bath with a medicated bathing bar for skin and a Herbal Shampoo for hair.

Benefits of the 1-3-2 Topical Treatment Approach ( 777 oil):

  • Safe-effective-affordable
  • Increases the bio- burden and bio-availability of active ingredients
  • Balances the micro and macro level of actives
  • Ideal Hydro-Lipo quotient reduces xerosis of skin and associated itching
  • Delays cell death and prolongs cell cycle turn over time
  • Quick relief from clinical symptoms and early onset of remission.
  • Prolonged period of remission.

Presentation :

Presented in 100 ml, 200 ml amber PET containers and 500 ml & 1000 ml HDPE Containers.

Contraindications :

There are no known contra-indications.

  • Research and Development
  • Studies and evaluation done on 777 Oil
  • Mechanism of action of 777 Oil

The pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted over the years revealed that the application of 777 Oil retards the cell division and inflammatory responses. In vitro study on the effect of 777 Oil on cultured cells was carried out using fast growing cell line SKV 14. Significant reduction in cell multiplication was observed. 777 Oil selectively block the mitosis event especially the early anaphase. This was reconfirmed in Onion root tip mitosis assay. 777 Oil affects both early anaphase and late metaphase. The rate of cell multiplication retardation is calculated as 40-60%. This properity of 777 Oil re-confirmed in Guinea pig. Hyperkeratosis was induced in the flank region of the Guinea pig using a mutagen . 777 Oil was applied parelelly to study its effect on hyperkeratisos. It was recorded that 777 Oil arrests the level of cell multiplication to 58-63%. The isolated cells were further stained with fluorescent dye and found that spindle and microtubule formation has occurred in the treated cells.

Further Cytokine ELISA was done using the samples to study the co-stimulatory molecule profile in the psoriatic condition and the effect of 777 Oil on them. IL80 and Lymphokine 41 were found to have blocked during 777 Oil applications. Receptor binding mechanism would have resulted in this phenomenon. The effect on 777 Oil on the IL 40 may answer for its efficacy on the inflammatory changes of psoriasis. The experiment was carried out on EPISKIN and EPIDERM model. This study was carried out mainly to find out the dose dependent action of 777 Oil. Various concentrations of 777 Oil was prepared viz., 1,2,3,5,10,20,30,40,50 and 60 mg/ml. 20mg/ml of the drug was effective in achieving 82% reduction. This concentration is found to have no cytotoxic effect.

Concentration of 777 Oil in mg/ml % reduction of cell multiplication (Mean) SD
1 12.8 ± 0.112
2.5 32.6 ± 1.28
5 41.8 ± 1.56
10 68.4 ± 0.223
20 82 ± 1.23
30 84 ± 0.08
40 83 ± 1.47
50 71 ± 1.04
60 0-* -